Tesla Coil
Tesla coil
Number 298
Date Aug. 3rd 2007
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Tesla Coil is the 298th xkcd comic.


Oh well this is just a beautifully presented metaphor for Science vs Metascience, for that is surely what metaphysics is a category of?

So the Black Hatted Man scorns our protagonist with a jibe about the validity of scientific reasoning and conjecture. The significance of the hat perhaps alluding to a certain prop within a recent motion picture wherein we met a strikingly handsome depiction of the late, great Mr. Tesla.

Onwards the argument brings us to the crux of this 'explanation'. I believe the artoonist is trying to use the doubly layered 'play within a play' device on the level of escapism we, the readers, allow ourselves to be led. Given that we are allowing stick figures to represent characters the artoonist is free to infer that we can accept this jibe on reason.

And then, true to the style of the cliché ridden world these byte sizers are so enveloped, I leave on a cliffhanger...

Maybe he is right?

Mouseover textEdit

"For scientists, this can be the hardest thing about dreams."

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