Number 149
Date Aug. 28th 2006
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Sandwich is the 149th xkcd comic.


In the Linux operating system, there are "commands" one enters to make things happen, much like one would click an icon to make something happen. Some commands than can harm the computer are restricted to a user called "root", to prevent other users from harming the system. root can do some things no other user can do, such as modify system files. However, some users may have access to a command called "sudo", which allows them to run a command with root's permission. For example, if someone wanted to delete a file called "file.txt", they would type "rm file.txt". If they don't own the file, they will likely get an error that says, "rm: file.txt: Permission denied". However, if they typed "sudo rm file.txt", it would allow them to delete it, since they have authority given by root.

In short:

"Make me a sandwich."

"You can't tell me to do that!"

"Mom says to make me a sandwich."


Mouseover textEdit

"Proper User Policy apparently means Simon Says."

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