Number 188
Date Nov. 24th 2006
Previous The Familiar
Next Exercise

Reload is the 188th xkcd comic.


This comic is a reference to many first-person shooter games, where shooting outside of the defined battlefield reloads the player's gun. It's funny since it seems realistic until then. Laugh already!

... Fine, be that way

Mouseover textEdit

"And watch out for that guy from comic #53."

The mousover text refers to an earlier comic, in which someone explains their hobby of jumping out from corners during drug hideout busts to make policemen lose points by shooting an innocent person... not that that works in real life, so I don't suggest trying it. That comic is a reference to first-person shooters where it is possible to shoot innocent characters, the player losing points for doing so. (Is it bad that I was tempted to write "early first-person shooters"? Is society really becoming this violent?)

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