Number 532
Date Jan. 19th 2009
Previous Contingency Plan
Next Laptop Hell

Piano is the 532nd xkcd comic.


A guy goes into a bar and sits down at the bar and says to the bartender, “If I provide you with the evening’s entertainment for the bar, will you buy me my drinks?” The bartender says, “Sure, let’s see what you got.” So the guy reaches into pocket of his jacket and he takes out a little tiny baby grand piano, and he reaches into his other pocket and he takes out a man in a tuxedo who’s a foot high and a bench. And he puts the bench in front of the little piano, and the man walks across the bar, opens the piano, sits down, and begins playing magnificently. The bartender says, “Wow, that’s great,” and starts pouring the guy his drinks. A little while into the evening, the bartender says to the guy, “Where did you get this?” The guy says, “To be honest with you, I was walking down the beach and my foot hit this brass lamp,” and he reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a brass lamp and puts it on the bar. He says, “I dusted the lamp off and there was a puff of smoke and suddenly a genie was there, and he granted me a wish.” The bartender says, “Wow, can I try it?” The guy says, “Be my guest.” So the bartender rubs the lamp, there’s a puff of smoke, and suddenly there’s a genie there and he says, “Your wish is my command.” The bartender says, “Ok. I want a million bucks.” The genie says, “Done!” and there’s a puff of smoke and suddenly the bar is filled with a million ducks, quacking their heads off. And the bartender says, “What the hell is this? I didn’t ask for a million ducks.” And the guy says, “And I didn’t ask for a twelve-inch pianist.” Edit

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