I Know You're Listening
I know youre listening
Number 525
Date Jan. 2nd 2009
Previous Party
Next Converting to Metric

I Know You're Listening is the 525th xkcd comic.


As the mouseover text for this article says, anouncing "I know you're listening" to an empty room is similar to Pascal's Wager. Pascal's Wager essentially states that one should life as though God exists, becuase there is (potentially) infinite loss and finite gain in disbelief, and finite loss and infinite gain in belief. In the comic scenario, if one were to announce "I know you're listening" to an empty room, they have no loss, but potentially a very hilarious gain. Basically, in both cases, one has more to gain than to lose by either acting as though God exists and announcing "I know you're listening" to empty rooms. 

Mouseover textEdit

"It's basically Pascal's Wager for the paranoid prankster."

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