In ur reality
Number 262
Date May. 16th 2007
Previous Regarding Mussolini
Next Certainty

IN UR REALITY is the 262nd xkcd comic.


This comic is a reference to lolcats, which are pictures of cats with humorous captions added (usually in a sans-serif font like Impact) and posted on the Internet. In the comic, Black Hat Guy is adding such captions to actual cats in real life.

A common format of lolcat captions is "I'm in ur <noun>, <verb>ing ur <related noun>", which is where the comic's title comes from. "Oh, hi" or "o, hai" is also a common lolspeak expression.

Mouseover textEdit

"Hey, at least I ran out of staples."

The man in the black hat is implying that he was attaching the captions with staples earlier, and switched to glue only when he ran out of staples.

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