Effect an Effect
Effect an effect
Number 326
Date Oct. 8th 2007
Previous A-Minus-Minus
Next Exploits of a Mom

Effect an Effect is the 326th xkcd comic.


The comic pokes fun at the ubiquitous internet "grammar nazis", and plays off a commonly cited error in English grammar. Effect is generally a noun, while Affect is generally used as a direct verb. The confusion surrounding the usage of these terms is commonly pointed out in internet forums by said grammar nazis.

In this case however, Effect is properly used as an indirect verb, trolling the troll, so to speak since one 'puts something into effect'. One does not 'put something into affect' because, well, affect what or whom?

So please put some sound grammar into effect because failing to do so might seriously affect someone's sanity, and the effects of rampaging madness will not be pretty!


To further troll the troll, 'Effects' - always in the plural - is another word for 'belongings'.

Ex: Please remove your personal effects from the office on your way out.

Isn't English great?

Mouseover textEdit

"Time to paint another grammarianon the side of the desktop."

Explanation: This makes reference to the practice of fighter pilots adding silhouettes to the side of their aircraft to denote kills.

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