Number 295
Date Jul. 27th 2007
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DNE is the 295th xkcd comic.


"DNE" is an abbreviation for "Do Not Erase". When someone wants to leave something on a blackboard or whiteboard for future reference (such as an important deadline, homework information, or contact information), he or she will often circle it and write "DNE" or "save" next to it, to remind other people (such as janitors or teachers) not to erase that part. This is particularly common at colleges and universities, where classrooms are often used by multiple instructors. It's also sometimes used in workplace conference rooms.

"FUCK THIS PLACE!" is an expression of displeasure, and is normally not something that would be saved in this manner. Most likely, the man writing "DNE" either agrees that the place is unpleasant or is trying to get it saved as a joke, possibly both.

Mouseover textEdit

"I've seen advertisers put their URLs on chalkboards, encircled with a DNE. They went unerased for months. If you see this, feel free to replace the URL with"

If a room is shared by multiple groups at different times (such as a classroom that's used by more than one teacher, or a conference room), then other people using the room may have no idea who wrote the information inside a DNE, or how important (or unimportant) it really is. Thus, they will often give it the benefit of the doubt and leave it up. This leads to the possibility of DNE abuse, such as advertisers writing their website addresses inside a DNE in an attempt to get more customers.

Randall suggests that his readers should erase these advertisers' web addresses and write his own inside the DNE instead.

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