Aversion Fads
Aversion fads
Number 471
Date Sep. 3rd 2008
Previous The End is Not for a While
Next [[<span style="color: #0000ED">House</span> of Pancakes]]

Aversion Fads is the 471st xkcd comic.


A Furry (people who like and often represent themselves on the internet as anthropomorphic animals) is being picked on by others because of the widespread myth that all Furries only like such things becasue it arouses them sexually. Another person invites the person who is being picked on to fly a kite. While the person does believe this myth, they dislike the fact that Furries seem to be a sort of internet punching bag. After the Furry says that they owe the other person one, the other person says that it wasn't a big deal. To accentuate the point that they definitely owe the other a favor, the Furry makes an animal comparison, and the other person asks if they could use something non-animal related, so as not to arouse. The Furry person apologizes.

(Now, I'm stating that it's a myth, which it is, since it applies to far fewer people than those who perpetuate it act like it does, but I'm pretty sure this comic kind of hinges on the reader accepting the fact that this particular Furry is aroused by such things, looking at the "Sorry." at the end.)

(I took so much time trying not to offend anyone)

Mouseover textEdit

"Hey, are you friends with any hamsters? This kite needs a passenger."

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