Number 599
Date Jun. 19th 2009
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Apocalypse is the 599th xkcd comic.


There's a running joke about your Erdos number. The Hungarian mathemetician Paul Erdos was so fascinated with all types of mathmatical proofs that his name was on many papers. If you've co-authored with Erdos, your Erdos number is 1. If you've co-authored with someone who had co-authored with Erdos, your number is 2. It is very similar to the statement that "No one is more than 6 degrees seperated from Kevin Bacon". The dead walking the earth offers the rare opportunity to once again achieve an Erdos number of 1, which is why everyone in the math department rushed to co-author a proof and have Erdos sign it.

Mouseover textEdit

"I wonder if I still have time to go shoot a short film with Kevin Bacon."

See alsoEdit

Erdős–Bacon number

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