Number 325
Date Oct. 5th 2007
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A-Minus-Minus is the 325th xkcd comic.


eBay is an online commerce site in which a seller offers up an item for sale, and has prospective buyers bid on it for a week.  The highest bidder must pay the seller, and the seller must then ship the item to that buyer.  The two are encouraged to comment on the experience, rating each other for quality, allowing people who reneg on their promises to be quickly identified.  People are quite jealous of their ratings, as everyone wants to claim to have "100% positive feedback," in which every person they bought or sold from claims that they were above reproach.

The black hatted man has decided, sociopathically, to replace the object that he just sold with a live bobcat as a prank, for which he would get a negative rating with an extremely odd comment, one that most people reading it would find decisively implausible.

This is similar to the joke in which Bill Murray approaches the person and commits an act of pretty crime, noting as he leaves that "no one will ever believe you."  Similarly, would you believe someone who claimed that his item was replaced with a live bobcat?

Mouseover textEdit

"You can do this one in every 30 times and still have 97% positive feedback."

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