1 to 10
1 to 10
Number 953
Date Sep. 19th 2011
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1 to 10 is the 953rd xkcd comic.


Binary is a number system used by computers in which all numbers are represented by 1 and 0, which the computer can further abstract as high voltage vs low voltage.  Binary is base 2, and only 1 and 0 are sensible digits.  If you need higher numbers, you add digits, such as 10 (which you should read as "one-zero" in this context, not ten) for 2, 11 for 3, and 100 for 4.  Five follows this pattern, represented by "101". This principle is called the "base" of the number, meaning what number "10" would be, and binary is base 2.

When the girl asks him to rate on a scale from 1 to 10, she's using binary, so "one" or "two" would be sensible answers.   The boy's answer of "four" is only possible in number systems with a base of at least 5, and is outside her scale anyway, so she doesn't understand.

Mouseover textEdit

"If you get an 11/100 on a CS test, but you claim it should be counted as a 'C', they'll probably decide you deserve the upgrade."

11 would be "3" if in binary, and 100 would be "4".  3/4= .75.   75% on a test in America is a C, a passing grade.   11% would be well below failing.

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